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[+] Leadership Development Track

Emerge: Leadership Development

EMERGE was created to develop leaders within TCC for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom in TCC, our city, and beyond. Our aim is to deepen our love for and application of the gospel and the community it creates (the church) so that more gospel communities can be planted whether they be community groups or churches nationally or internationally. We seek to grow leaders through theological study (reading assignments, teaching, group discussions 2 times a month, and pushing one another to apply what we learn) and modeling (living life together through prayer, meals, service, and leisure) in hopes that we will all be disciple-makers who make more followers of Jesus.

Here is a sample of a year in Emerge: Emerge Structure- First YearThird Semester

Invest: Leadership Care & Training

Not only do inviduals and families in groups need care and training but the leaders of those groups need on going care and training. So we have created a regular system of care and training for our community group leaders and deacons in order to make sure that the deacons of TCC are being poured into and trained toward godliness. Each community group leader is a part of a sphere group which consists of anywhere from 3 to 5 group leaders (usually husband and wife teams).  Each sphere group meets every other month in homes for fellowship around a meal, discussion of our joys and pains, and intentional conversation about how the gospel applies to their marriage/relationships, parenting, and/or finances. This is called INVEST- Care.  Then every quarter we shift from an emphasis of care to an emphasis of training, INVEST- Night, where we seek to develop the doctrine, character, and skills of love in our leaders.

2015 Invest Schedule

Community Group Leader Goals and Application

Other Resources for Investing in Spiritual Growth