Join us this Sunday for one 10:30am service at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. We will be streaming live on our Youtube as well.

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Here are some ways that you can get connected at TCC through serving the church, the city, and beyond: 

Kid's Discipleship Team

A team of teachers serves every other month to teach the glorious truths of the Bible to the children during the worship hour.  Be a part of the vision of Kid's Treasuring Christ

Service Logistics Coordinators

A team of coordinators serves once every three weeks during one of the worship services to ensure a welcoming, organized experience for TCC’s visitors and members. Responsibilities may include greeting, parking, Lord’s Supper set-up, and ushering.  To find out more about how to serve on this team contact us at

Music Team

Since we are commanded to address one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, the music team leads TCC in speaking truth to one another through song. Musicians serve on a weekly or biweekly basis and are expected to attend Thursday night practice on the weeks they are playing. Contact, if you are interested in serving.

Visual Team

To aid worship through song, the visual team member operates the computer to ensure the readability of all the songs. These technicians serve once every three weeks and arrive early on Sunday mornings to ensure all of the songs are typed correctly in ProPresenter.  Contact, if you are interested in serving.

Sound Team

Sound technicians assist the music team by regulating the sound for Sunday morning worship. They serve approximately once every three weeks. Contact, if you are interested in serving.

Video Team

In order to reach more people with the gospel, TCC offers sermons online. The video team is responsible for recording the Sunday sermon and uploading it to the website; a team member serves once every three weeks. Contact, if you are interested in serving.

Safety Team

TCC utilizes a safety team to ensure the well-being and safety of every member and visitor on a Sunday morning. Safety attendants serve once every three weeks.  To find out more about how to serve on this team contact us at

Building Team

Since the acquisition of the Hargett property in 2013, TCC desires to maintain the property in the best condition possible. This team will work under the supervision of the Facilities Director to repair and improve the conditions of the church building. Contact, if you are interested in serving.

Creative Team

Creatives are needed to showcase the beauty of every day life at TCC and to enhance the quality of the building and TCC’s publications and events. If you are talented and gifted in any art, we could use you! Contact if you are interested in serving on this team.

Fellowship Team

TCC desires to provide numerous opportunities through the year for members to get together and enjoy one another’s company as well as provide opportunities for members to reach out and love on the surrounding community. The fellowship team is responsible for coordinating these fellowships. To find out more about how to serve on this team contact us at

Tech Team

The tech team is responsible for providing tech support for TCC’s computer hardware and software programs. In addition, they are responsible for designing the church’s website and updating the information as needed.  Contact, if you are interested in serving.

Prayer Team

The prayer team has created a monthly prayer guide for the prayer team and others to use in petitioning God on behalf of TCC, our international workers, and our surrounding community. The prayer team regularly prays for these requests as well as weekly prayer requests that come in from visitors and members.  To find out more about how to serve on this team contact us at

Women's Ministry

The women’s ministry holds two annual events for the women of TCC: Grace-Filled Expressions/Discussions in the spring and the Adorn Retreat in October. Members of this ministry team organize and plan these events for the women of TCC.  Contact, if you are interested in serving.

Men's Ministry

The men’s ministry seeks to provide opportunities for the men to grow in servant-leadership and to bond with other men. This ministry team assists in the organization and implementation of the men’s fellowships. To find out more about how to serve on this team contact Pastor Travis Williams.