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The Mercy Fund

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The Mercy Fund exists to help members of Treasuring Christ Church, as well as individuals and families from the Treasuring Christ Together network, other international partners, and like-minded pastors that we have relationships with for the purpose of adoption and foster care assistance.


To administer the adoption assistance fund, Treasuring Christ Church has partnered with The ABBA Fund, a Christian 501(c)3 non-profit ministry that helps churches across the country establish and administer adoption assistance funds. Through partnership with The ABBA Fund, Treasuring Christ Church is able to help families affiliated with TCC and the TCT Network who are adopting primarily by way of interest-free loans and occasional grants.

How It Works

Members of Treasuring Christ Church should complete the attached application, including reference letters.  The application should be mailed directly to The ABBA Fund.  The ABBA Fund evaluates the application and makes a recommendation to Treasuring Christ Church regarding the type of funding and the amount of funding each family should be offered based upon the available funds and the amount of assistance needed by the family. Treasuring Christ Church reviews the recommendation, and once Treasuring Christ Church confirms your regular generosity, confirms that you are a member in good standing, and makes a decision, the ABBA Fund will contact the applying family with the final decision. The ABBA Fund handles all aspects of the application process, including evaluation and verification of all financial and other confidential information.


  • - TCC members in good standing

    - Treasuring Christ Together Network members in good standing

    - Other international workers or national pastors who are affiliated with TCC or have relationships with TCC.


Contact if you are interested in applying for adoption assistance.

The Abba Fund

Visit their website for more information on applying for funds or a church partnership.  

Adoption Support and Communication

Community Groups

We would recommend you give a brief blurb (100-150 words) about your fundraiser for adoptions to the office and we will announce it 2 times in community group through community group leaders.


How to Give

Write a check made payable to Treasuring Christ Church and add “Mercy Fund” in the memo line or give online and choose “Mercy Fund.”