Join us this Sunday for one 10:30am service at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. We will be streaming live on our Youtube as well.

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Why Membership?

Why Membership?...because biblically church means family.  Membership for us is not like membership at a social club. Membership means commitment to one another as family. In a culture where people abandon one another when things get difficult. We at TCC want to be a people who don't give up on one another because Jesus doesn't give up on us.  So membership is an expression that what unites us together is that Jesus laid down his life for us that we might follow him all our days.  Membership further declares that we need one another to grow into likeness to Jesus over time.  We are not created to be islands but to be in community.  As a community we are committing to love one another through difficult relationships just as Jesus endures with us.  Membership also declares that we are committed to serve one another. This is why TCC is community of grace- we need God's grace to be that kind of community. Come join us imperfect people who lean heavily upon God's grace to live in community with one another.

Getting Connected Class

Whether you are eager to join Treasuring Christ Church (TCC) or you simply want to learn more about TCC, the Getting Connected Class is for you. Taught by one of the elders, this class takes you through the history of TCC, a biblical look at the church, and the core values, mission, and covenant of TCC. We offer this class four times a year, and it takes place immediately after the church service from 12:45pm to approximately 3:30pm with lunch being provided. To RSVP for the next class, please contact