Join us this Sunday for one 10:30am service at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. We will be streaming live on our Youtube as well.

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Community Groups

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Living in Community

Recognizing that we all have struggles, hurts, concerns, temptations and burdens, TCC desires to provide an environment where imperfect people gather together for the purpose of cultivating family and mission- loving one another, meeting one another’s needs and encouraging one another to love Jesus in the every day.

God desires to love His people by way of the church, and community groups are our primary avenue through which love for one another is cultivated and displayed. These smaller groups of 12-20 meet in homes throughout the Raleigh area to engage in Bible study, prayer, eating together, and sharing life's joys and struggles in a grace filled environment.  As needs become evident to the community group, the group then has numerous opportunities to love each other by meeting one another’s physical needs and by coming alongside each other in life's trials. These groups provide a context for gifts to flourish and deeper connection with Christ to happen through His word and by His Spirit.  We are a broken people, and community groups remind us weekly to look to the One who saves us from sin, heals the broken-hearted, comforts the weary soul, pursues us relentlessly, and calls us “loved.”  Hebrews 3:12-14

Garrick Jones shares how living life in the midst of Christ-centered community has changed things for him.

 Community Group Leader Resources

O2 Groups

This is a plan for a small group of three people who get together for growing deeper as followers of Jesus.  Organic and Organized is the vision for these groups.  Many times these groups are formed within community groups but sometimes they are just a tool in your spiritual tool belt to grow in faith in community.  This is organic in that it is not a class but a cultivation of life-on-life relationships where you learn as you pray together, read the Bible together, eat together, and simply do life together for approximately a year.  These O2 groups also equip you to lead others as we believe we are all called not only to BE followers of Jesus but to MAKE followers of Jesus.  Yet these groups are organized with goals and resources to help you grow:

O2 Group Goals

Seeking to from deeper community with a few by 1) knowing and applying the gospel through accountability relationships and 2) growing in biblical knowledge and love 

Join or Form an O2 Group

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O2 Group Resources

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