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Read the Handwriting on the Wall (literally)

Read the Handwriting on the Wall (literally)

August 28, 2016 Speaker: Hunter Muse Series: No Lasting City: Hoping in God's Eternal Triumph

Passage: Daniel 5

The Setting

  • Who is ruling Bablyon?
  • What is happening in Babylon?

Belshazzar’s Character

  • Lacking in virtue
  • Blasphemy
  • Proud
  • Foolish

God Is Sovereign

  • God deals with those in authority
  • 4 times God reveals himself to pagan kings
  • God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble
  • God is different than others in authority

God’s presence exposes sin and declares truth

  • • Pride exposed
  • Truth declared
  • God’s truth declared: God is enough for his people, We are all guilty

4 lessons from Belshazzar

  • We know what we’re doing when we sin
  • Belshazzar turn to the wisdom and resources of the world and gets nothing
  • Hope for change in others because we are all in Belshazzar’s situation
  • Belshazzar doesn’t repent before the Lord

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