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Leader Resources - How to handle criticism



David Powlison shares in 6 minutes how we can respond to criticism in our marriages.  

Matt Chandler, Mike Horton and Tim Keller discuss in 13 minutes how to disagree with someone graciously

In 2 minutes Tim Lane reminds us that conflict/criticism is an opportunity given by God.

In under 4 minutes Wayne Grudem shares how we must insist on others’ right to disagree with us



A ten minute clip from John Piper on how to receive harsh feedback

A full hour long talk by Andy Naselli on how to disagree with others over disputable matters.




Alfred Poirier breaks down criticism through the gospel lens of the cross.

Eric Raymond shares on how to interact with others when you are unfairly critiqued.  

From the works of John Newton we have a short letter commending gentleness and moderation during controversy.  

Amanda Criss reminds us that our pride was crucified in the death of Christ freeing us from the sting of criticism.  

Tim Challies offers 3 tips to responding to criticism

Justin Taylor writes helpfully on how to give and receive criticism in light of the cross of Christ

Greg Morse challenges us to pursue friends who gently wound us for our own good.  

Amy Baker helps perfectionists have hope when receiving criticism.  

Gavin Ortlund writes on defeating defensiveness, a crucial step when you find yourself under criticism.  



The Freedom of Self-ForgetfulnessTim Keller gives us this little jewel of a booklet in order to free us from self-condemnation, which is a common result of criticism. 

War of Words.  Paul David Tripp walks you through many forms of communication, including when you are hurt by criticism of others.