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Leader Resources - Parenting: Childhood to Womanhood


  • This short 6 minute video by Mindy Beltz addresses modesty in teenage daughters.



  • Here’s a quick 5 minute audio clip by John Piper geared toward helping parents shape the sexual identity of their sons and daughters.
  • Jen Wilkin gives a talk on how to instill a sense of worth in your daughter, looking at both the source and nature of your daughter’s value.





  • Dannah Gresh has some cool stuff out: about body change, confidence, even a year long devotional for moms and daughters.
  • Here's a link for a book by Mahaney and Whitacre containing cool mother-daughter conversations on womanhood.  
  • Here's a link for a another great book by Tricia Donahue for mommy/daughter talks.  
  • Here is a smaller booklet from New Growth Press (NGP) you may find helpful on bonding.  
    Here is another NGP booklet on sex ; and another  on materialism many young girls struggle with.