Join us Sunday for one of our two services: 9am masks required service or 11am masks optional service. We will Livestream our 11am service on Youtube and Facebook. 

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Are You Interested in Counseling?

Treasuring Christ Church desires to help individuals, couples, and families treasure Christ, pursue community, and love our city and world. We desire to walk alongside people in our city with the aim that they see Christ as most beautiful and apply his answers to their personal problems.

Counsel the City Brochure

Four Foundational Convictions

By choice our counseling is not ‘state-licensed’ and we do not provide ‘psychological’ counseling as many do. Rather, we confidently stand upon the Word of God offering His promises and provision in Christ as our only hope. For this reason there are four convictions we hold to in all of our counseling:

  1. We present the Lord Jesus Christ as the crucified, risen Savior who, through his Word and his Spirit, can help us handle our personal and relational problems. Jesus alone provides the forgiving mercy (through his saving death and resurrection), the wisdom (in his Word), and the power (through his Spirit) we need for daily living.
  2. We rely on the Bible as our main tool to diagnose, explain, and solve our problems. As God's Word, the Bible provides true, thorough, authoritative, and sufficient guidance for every life situation we face, and it is richly superior to the human wisdom and competing counsel of secular psychologies.
  3. We reflect the love, concern, and compassion of Jesus our Shepherd and Counselor. Biblical counseling is a caring process marked by Christlike love.
  4. We seek thorough and lasting godly change by addressing both the inward and outward issues of our problems. Biblical counseling is not shallow, superficial, or simplistic. Scripture alone uncovers and solves our inward, heart (beliefs and motives) struggles and our outward, behavioral (words and actions) struggles.

Who Are Our Counselors?

Each of our male and female counselors is an active member of Treasuring Christ Church, each has completed a training program in biblical counseling, each has been approved by our church elders, each receives ongoing continuing education training, and each receives oversight and consultation help from our Director of Biblical Counseling Training, Joshua Gallaher.

What is the Cost of Counseling?

We ask only that you make a donation to support the counseling ministry of our church as you are able. However, through the generous giving of our church family we are able to provide counseling services free of charge.

How Can I Make an Appointment?

If you are interested in counseling at Treasuring Christ Church please contact Josh Gallaher with the completed forms below:

Information Form

Overview of the Problem

Counseling Agreement

We will contact you to set up a time to meet with you at our church facility and we look forward to being able to meet with you.

What If I am Interested in Becoming a Biblical Counselor at Treasuring Christ Church?

Our training program is only offered periodically as part of the Increase Ministry of our church. The overview of the program and sample syllabus can be accessed below:

Overview of Program

Sample Syllabus

If you have any other questions or would like to talk more about becoming a biblical counselor at TCC contact Josh Gallaher 

What If I Have Other Questions or Concerns?

Please feel free to contact Josh Gallaher and he will be happy to correspond with you and answer any concerns that you may have.