Join us this Sunday for one 10:30am service at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. We will be streaming live on our Youtube as well.

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COVID-19 Updates at TCC

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Gatherings at TCC 

What to expect for the in-person services 
    • Service length. We will continue to try to be sensitive to the challenges of families as we are aiming for a service at 1hr 15min in length.
    • Masks10:00am service Masks will be REQUIRED.  Elementary age kids and under can wear masks at the parents discretion. Note: Masks are required throughout the duration of the service UNLESS medically dangerous due to a serious health condition.
    • Entrance and Exit.  Please be mindful to social distance in the breezeway before and after the service. 
    • Social Distance marking. There will be social distancing markers near the bathrooms. 
    • Hand sanitizer. There will be hand sanitation bottles at a couple of stations and inside the building. 
    • Cleanliness. The building will be cleaned thoroughly this weekend prior to our gathering and soap is readily available in all bathrooms. There will be no food or drinks served in the building. 
    • Greeting each other. Respect other’s desire for distance even if you are more comfortable with contact.  Don’t hesitate to communicate your greeting preference. Ex. “Hi five from a distance.” Or “air hug” :) To overcome the awkwardness of this season go out of your way to be warm to others.
    • Vulnerable persons. Use your discretion on whether you attend the mask required service or not.
    • KTC. There will be no KTC on site. Kids will sit with parents.
    • Sickness. If you have any signs of sickness- coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, etc., please stay at home and join us online. 
    • After the service. Weather permitting, we will dismiss you to fellowship outside rather than in the building.

Scheduling Updates

      • Community Groups will be meeting in person or virtually each week according to each group's schedule. 
      • All weekend events and activities are postponed.

 *Go here for previous updates and encouragement from our elders. 

 Loving the Church through Community

      • Go here to join a Community Group if you are not already a part of one.
      • Need help?: Report a need within your group or personally here
      • Give help: Help meet a need within the church here.  
      • Continue to Give Online so that TCC can continue to operate and meet needs as they arise.

Loving the City

      • Go here to help meet needs in our local context as they arise. 
      • If you have a need and are not a part of TCC or know of a need in your community, please report the need here
      • Caring for Those in YOUR Neighborhood: Read this article for ideas and a resource on how to care for those in your neighborhood.

Stories of God's Grace and Prayer

      • Share a story of God's grace here in your life, in your community group, or in your neighborhood. 
      • Submit a request for prayer here